About Us


Our Mission

“Provide a Safe Place for Youth in Crisis” with respect and dignity

Our Vision

All youth deserve to be safe, stable and given a fighting chance to be successful

Sea Haven History

Congress first passed the Runaway Youth Act (RHYA), a federal law to respond to the crisis of runaway youth in America, in 1974. Policy makers recognized that children who ran away from home often did so because of severe family dysfunction, frequently marked by violence, abuse, substance abuse, mental illness, and rejection. RHYA provides federal funding for community-based housing and critical services for homeless youth instead of criminalizing and incarcerating minors who run away or are ejected from their homes.

Sea Haven was incorporated in 1980 and is registered with the South Carolina Secretary of State as a 501 (c) 3 non-profit agency. Sea Haven provides emergency stabilization and long-term services. Gateway services are provided for runaway/homeless youth and youth at risk of running away, by offering temporary emergency shelter, food, clothing, individual/family counseling, case management, referrals for appropriate services, independent/permanent housing, permanency planning/aftercare. Sea Haven is a member of the National Safe Place Network. NSPN provides training, consultation, funding, and advocacy support for members.

Board of Directors

Dean DeMattio – President

Juliet Casper – Vice President

Kristine Covelli – Treasurer

Rose Ferree – Secretary

Jennifer Nicely
Marty Slapnik
Kristi Knight
Eric Lewis
Roger Roy
Mitchell Barrier
Carla Williams
Brad Elliott
Edward Robinson